In 1967 I was living in San Francisco and I had been to a few of the late and great Bill Graham’s Rock shows at the Fillmore Auditorium. I was intrigued with the light programs he had, “light artist” put on displays as the bands played. I modified this projector so it would produce and ever changing 25 foot “kaleidoscope” image on stage and took it down to show Bill Graham one afternoon. That evening I was asked to set up for the band playing that night... it turned out to be Big Brother and The Holding Company with a girl singer named Janis Joplin. I talked to Janis after the show and she must of liked it because she kept saying “that was out’a sight man”

Note: in 2011, I donated the Kaleidoscope Projector to the Bill Graham Memorial Foundation.

Kaleidoscope Projector

                              Rock Poster

from The Fillmore that night in 1967 (Bill Graham’s Poster Collection).   This poster was done by Bill Graham’s wife Bonnie MacLean.